Scott J. Wakefield graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2003. Since that time, he has worked as a freelance illustrator in children’s book illustration, serving national publishers such as Harper Collins, Sterling Publishing, Scholastic, and McGraw Hill.  Scott is currently represented at the national level by Shannon & Associates (Kidshannon.com). His portfolio can also be found at www.scottjwakefield.com.

Although versatile with nearly any medium, much of Scott’s work is done in traditional media such as oil paint, ink, pastels, and acrylic, bringing richness and nostalgia to his unique style. Scott’s work demonstrates engaging characters, effective storytelling, and a strong sense of life and light.

He completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at Utah State University in 2009. From 2010-2017, Scott worked at the Community College of Aurora (Colorado) as the Chair of Art and Design, and then the Chair of Arts and Communication (Art, Music, Theatre, & Comm). In 2017, Scott was hired at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design(RMCAD) as Chair of Illustration. He has taught courses in drawing, painting, children's book illustration, landscape painting, and creativity.

Always an engaging teacher and a “student of the creative process,” Scott has found opportunities to teach about design thinking, creativity, and leadership in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges, and to various leadership groups, academic leaders, regional associations, and national conferences.  

At home, Scott and his wife Kori enjoy the unique personalities of their 5 children, serving in their church, and family activities such as sidewalk chalk art and rock climbing.